FIFA 19 – Career Mode

FIFA 19 has a mode called career mode. This mode has two sub-modes: player and manager. Each sub-mode gives players the opportunity to experience two different parts of football. Player career is perfect for those who want to see what it’s like to be a professional football player. This activity begins with character creation. Players will make their own character by choosing from different customization options. They will start taking part in games and train to become more skilled. Practice drills are part of this mode. Training is important because players have to keep up with the manager’s requirements. Players will take part in league matches and cups. They will also play in international tournaments. The end game activity for this mode requires players to be part of the national team and win the most prestigious football tournaments. Player career mode can transition into manager mode. This is based on the real football scene as many famous players have become managers after retiring from playing.
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Manager career mode requires players to take the lead of a football team. They can choose to represent their preferred football club. As managers, players will have to take the board’s requirements into consideration and do their best to fulfill them. Managing a football team is all about looking for new talented players, seeing to players’ demands, and balancing the budget. Managers will also have to decide the squad composition based on players’ strengths and weaknesses. Players who become managers will negotiate with other clubs and agents. This mode is very complex as there are lots of aspects to take into consideration. The mode provides a good opportunity for football fans to discover the behind the scene action and see how managers’ decisions influence what’s going on on the football field. Managers will have objectives and goals. Some are quite easily completed but others are pretty challenging. The board and the manager’s interaction with it are an important part of this mode. The end game activity for this mode is leading your national team toward international tournaments. Career mode should not be mistaken for the Journey which is a story driven mode.