Elder Scrolls Online – New Base Game Features

Elder Scrolls Online has just released its third expansion. It’s called Elsweyr and it takes us to the homeland of the Khajiit. Along with the expansion, Update 22 went live as well. This is a patch that adds new features to the base game.

Player interaction is important in a multiplayer game. Elder Scrolls Online has a unique guild system that allows players to join five guilds so they can make more friends. Guild advertisements on the general channel in the game and on the forums are the traditional ways of finding players to join your guild or looking for a guild to join. Starting with Patch 22, a new feature will make it easier for guild leaders and guild seekers to come in contact. This feature is called the guild finder system. Guild leaders, or whoever is in charge of finding new members, will use this tool to make a recruitment ad. The ad contains a description of the guild and joining requirements. Those who are looking for a guild can use search filters to find guilds that focus on raiding, PvP, trading, and such. You can also look for hardcore or casual guilds.

Weapon artifacts are the other major addition. This is a PvP feature and it’s available in Cyrodiil. When the Alliance War campaign is active, a weapon will spawn in Cyrodiil. This happens a few times a day. The player that gets to use this weapon first unlocks a new skill line. There will be multiple weapon artifacts available. The skill line has some powerful abilities but there’s a catch. If you don’t get any more alliance points, the abilities will start consuming your HP.

The second Elder Scrolls Online expansion, Summerset, is no longer available to buy from the game’s store and Steam. The expansion is now a DLC that can be found in the crown store. Just like all DLCs, this one too is included in the premium subscription. Update 22 is free for all players, no matter if they have the latest expansion or not. It also includes a series of fixes. Cheapest Elder Scrolls Online Gold are available for players’ buying too! It’s time to enjoy some new.