NBA Live 18 – What You Need to Know About the League

The League and The Streets are two NBA Live 18 features available in The One game mode. This feature allows players to hone their skills and to become veteran NBA players. They will start from the bottom and eventually win NBA championships with their favorite team. The League and The Streets are complementing each other to provide a complete basketball career experience. The journey starts where all NBA journeys start. Players will first experience the thrills of the draft day. The training never stops, not even after players get drafted. They will gradually improve their style and skills. They will peak and eventually retire.

Each player has enough options to create a personalized journey. From skills to stats, there are lots of decisions to make. Each one of these decisions will influence a player’s career. A part of The One journey takes place off the court. Players will interact with teammates, sponsors, and lots of other NPCs. They can set objectives for future matches, get rewarded for achieving feats, and so on. Players are also defined by their off court behavior. Awards like MVP or All-NBA will stand as proof of players’ achievements. The character upgrade system is based on XP, skills, OVR, and levels. XP is earned when completing activities and it’s the primary tool that allows players to develop their characters. Levels are gained alongside XP. As players get higher levels, they will be able to learn more skills and improve their performance on the court. Each basketball player has one important attribute that measures his capabilities. This is called overall player rating or OVR. It is increased together with the player’s level. Abilities depend on skills. Players train their skills and this allows them to get better abilities and equipment. Animations are also unlocked by training skills. Players need to take part in games to improve skills. The on court performance is measured with grades. Players will build unique characters using skills and perks and NBA Live 18 Coins.