NBA Live 18 – Did You Enjoy This Year’s Tip-Off Events?

At the start of this year’s NBA season, NBA Live 18 players have the chance to take part in some unique events. The new content was specially created to honor the beginning of the real NBA season for 2017-2018. Players can participate in cooperative live events. The celebration lasts for about a week. Players will have new challenges once every few days. The events require players to find a bunch of friends and to complete the objectives as a team. Groups of five players will go against computer controlled opponents. Players will match skills against the teams that are playing in the first matches of the new NBA season.

There are objectives to be completed. Players must play a series of matches to 11 to finish the live event. There are five available. For each completed live event, players are rewarded with prizes. They get some NBA team warm-up items for their basketball players. Other rewards such as XP bonuses are also available. Besides, cheap NBA Live 18 coins are offered at u7buy. These are pretty handy as they help players enhance their skills.

There are five live events that must be completed. Players have two days to complete each event. For each event, two matches are available so there will be one game to be played each day. The teams that will compete in the first day are Boston Celtics and Cleveland Cavaliers. The second day game features Houston Rockets and Golden State Warriors. The second live event stats October 18th and has Miami Heat versus Orlando Magic. The other confrontation is between Minnesota Timberwolves and the San Antonio Spurs. The third event debuts with New York Knicks versus Oklahoma City Thunder. The next day is all about Los Angeles Clippers versus Los Angeles Lakers. The first day of the fourth event brings East Team Heroes. The following day is all about the West Team Heroes. The last event features All-Star Prediction.