How to Update the NBA 2K18 Cover

Kyrie Irving was playing for the Cleveland Cavaliers when it was announced that he was going to be on the cover of the standard NBA 2K18 edition. Arrangements were made, pictures were taken, and cover images for a large number of game units were produced. As one would expect, Irving wawearing his Cavaliers uniform in each and every one of them. Rumors about a possible trade emerged and just a few weeks before NBA 2K18 was released, it was officially confirmed that Irving will be not playing alongside Cleveland Cavaliers in the new NBA season. His new, and current, team is Boston Celtics.

This was the source of dismay for some NBA fans who are also NBA 2K18 players. Some Cavaliers fans were not happy about the trade and also about the cover image of the game not featuring a player from their favorite team anymore. On the other hand, Celtics supporters were thrilled to see one of their players on the cover of the most realistic basketball simulator game. Lots of game copies depicting Kyrie Irving in his old team uniform were already pre-ordered and shipped to buyers. It would have taken a tremendous, if not impossible, effort for 2K to stop the distribution and ship updated game copies in time for the game release. Most of the times, the retailers receive a number of game copies before the release day so they can organize release events and such. 2K responded quite promptly though and said there was going to be a cover update in the near future. It didn’t take long for the team to create a new cover with Irving in his Celtics jersey.

The updated NBA 2K18 cover is found on the official game website under the News category. There are four cover images. There is one for PS4, one for PS3, one for Xbox One, and one for Xbox 360. The cover is available in multiple languages. Cover images showing the outdated picture are also available. This is quite thoughtful as there are players who want the old cover image as well. The download is a PDF file that can be printed and put in the game case to replace the old cover. You can do it any time when you want. Also you can buy NBA 2K18 MT online to save your time and money if you want.