What You Need to Know About NBA 2K18 on Nintendo Switch

All NBA 2K18 game modes are available on the Nintendo Switch. Prior to the NBA 2K18 release, it was officially confirmed that the Nintendo Switch version will have all the game modes just like the other consoles and PC versions. Players expressed concern over this as it was recently revealed that a popular soccer game will be missing one game mode. It’s no secret that the newest Nintendo console is not as powerful as the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One and some speculated that the Switch might not be able to run all game modes. Players can rest assured as the Nintendo Switch version won’t be lacking features. The digital download will be available on September 15 while the physical edition, the game card, will be released on October 17. On the same day, NBA 2K18 MT will be available online.

NBA 2K18 on Nintendo Switch runs at 30 FPS. Players will receive all game modes and features but sadly, the game won’t run at 60 FPS on the Nintendo console. Journalists who had the chance of trying the game revealed that the Nintendo Switch version is capped at 30 FPS in docked and portable modes. They also stated that the visuals are not that as sleek as on the other systems and animations were downgraded. Despite this, none complained about the graphics quality and most of them praised how the game is played on the new console.

Amiibo support. Details are scarce on this one but it was revealed that NBA 2K18 will have Amiibo support. Amiibo is an exclusive Nintendo feature that allows players to connect figurines with select games on Nintendo consoles and enjoy extra features and game bonuses. The figurines are sold separately. It was not yet revealed how Amiibo will be integrated into the NBA 2K18 gameplay or what figurines will be available. Given the fact that Amiibo support is currently listed only on the Nintendo Japan website is even possible that this feature will not come to Europe and the USA or will come at a later date.