What Was Improved in Madden NFL 17?

Madden NFL 17 is about to say goodbye, why, because Madden 18 has released its first trailer, which tells us that EA is about to deliver an improved version of Madden 17.
It’s true, the trailer looks spectacular and we just summarized some of the things that stand out about Madden 17, however, there are also aspects in which Madden 17 was a lot of fun and then we’ll tell you those aspects.
– Play The Moments
In Madden 17 we decided how long the games last, but if we had little time, the game gave us the opportunity to play in the most relevant plays, so the game time was greatly reduced, but allowed us to enjoy specific sections and very, But very funny. It is a combination of simulation and game controlled by you.
– Intuitive interface
As you may know, in Madden 17 there is a campaign mode where we can play to be the owner of a team. This last option requires that we make super-serious decisions that can lead to victory or defeat, such as knowing who to cut or who to hire. Well, in Madden 17, artificial intelligence and the interface make it easy for you.
– Friendly with newbies
The controls are not easy to understand in the Madden (every fan knows that), but the Skills Trainer mode helped novices understand them.
– Better animations
Year after year we see improvements in this aspect, but in Madden 17 EA we paid attention and improved some neglected aspects in previous deliveries, such as the public or the particular movements of each player, whether or not the ball in the hands.
So here we are playing Madden 17 online together. Also we could find cheap Madden 17 coins from online stores which will help us save a lot of time. Keep doing this and let’s play together in Madden NFL 18!