NBA 2K18 Confirmed and Available for Pre-order

2K Sports, the company behind the famous NBA 2K franchise, announced that the next game, NBA 2K18, will be available in September 2017. Details about the game are not yet revealed. We don’t know what game modes will be part of NBA 2K18 but a bit of speculation leads us to think that popular modes like MyTeam will not be left behind. MyCareer, the immersive single player experience, will probably be carried over to the next game giving players another opportunity to live the life of a rising star NBA player.

What we know about NBA 2K18 so far are the release date, who is going to be on the cover, platform availability and what game versions are available. The game can already be pre-ordered. The launch date is 19th September but players who pre-order get a four days head start so they will be able to play the game on September 15th. The basketball player chosen to be on the cover is Shaquille O’Neal. It’s the third time O’Neal is chosen as the cover athlete for an NBA 2K game. He was also on the cover of NBA 2K6 and 7. The NBA 2K18 edition shows him doing a dunk move.

NBA 2K18 is available on PC and consoles. Players can get their favorite basketball game on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, Xbox One, Xbox 360, Nintendo Switch and PC. As usual, three versions are available: standard, legend and legend gold. Digital and physical copies are available. It’s worth mentioning that only the standard NBA 2K18 version is available on PS3 and Xbox 360. The pre-order bonus includes virtual NBA 2K18 currency, MyTeam packs and apparel for MyPlayer. The legend and legend gold editions contain Shaquille O’Neal related items such as shoes, jerseys, logo shirts and a Championship ring. The box also includes a poster, Panini cards, MyTeam stickers and a lenticular. To celebrate the NBA 2K18 announcement, NBA 2K17 MyTeam players are given a free agent Shaquille O’Neal card with 99 OVR.