Pre-order NBA 2K18 to Get Free Virtual Currency and Other Bonuses

NBA 2K18 is launching on September 19 2017. The game was officially announced and the cover athlete was revealed to be none other that Shaquille O’Neal. It’s the third time O’Neal is featured on the cover of an NBA 2K game. NBA 2K18 is available for PC, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One and 360, PS 4 and 3. There are three game versions: standard, legend and legend gold. Players can already start pre-ordering from various online and local game retailers. All three game versions for PC are available on Steam. Those who pre-order NBA 2K18 are rewarded with some digital and physical items depending on the game version. One bonus that is given to all early buyers no matter of the acquired game version, is a head start that allows them to play the new NBA 2K four days earlier than the others. For players who pre-order the launch date is September 15th.

The standard digital version contains some in game items. Players are given 5,000 virtual currency to spend however they wish. Ten card packs for MyTeam are included in the pre-order package. Players get the chance to let everyone know they were among those who pre-ordered by equipping MyPlayer with some special apparel exclusive only to early buyers. The pre-order bonus is only available for PC and current generation console users.

The legend edition costs $99.99 and comes with more pre-order bonuses. Players get more virtual currency, more packs and more customization items. Those who get the legend edition get 100,000 virtual currency, 20 MyTeam packs and Shaquille O’Neal themed apparel. There are also some physical goodies included in the box. For pre-ordering this NBA 2K18 version, players get a Shaquille O’Neal poster, five Panini cards and some stickers.

The legend gold edition, the most expensive one, comes at a price of $149.99. Players are generously rewarded with 250,000 virtual currency, 40 card packs that can be used in MyTeam mode and Shaquille O’Neal themed items. The physical items are a Shaquille O’Neal poster, 10 Panini cards, stickers and a lenticular. The legend and legend gold edition are only available for current generation consoles.

In the mean time, we believe the NBA 2K18 MT will be online at the same time when it released. but price should be a little higher at start. Get ready first if you want to play the game earlier.