Clash Royale: Best Cards To Have In This Meta

The Clash Royale new meta is a constantly shifting landscape. Popular decks rise and fall with balance changes and strategic innovation. But within this ever-evolving scene are hidden gems. These are your under-used cards and archetypes that begin to show unexpected power. Let’s delve into some underused Clash Royale best cards that redefine the meta.

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1. X-Bow

The X-Bow, once a staple of high-level play, has seen a resurgence. Previously countered by strong defensive options, the meta shift towards faster cycle decks has opened a niche for the X-Bow. Decks utilizing X-Bow with Tesla and Rocket punishment offer excellent chip damage and defensive grit. The rise of cards like The Log and Tornado, which help cycle and activate the X-Bow, further contributed to its comeback.

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2. Barbarian Barrel

The Barbarian Barrel, one of Clash Royale’s underused cards, has become a surprising powerhouse. Its ability to bypass defenses while delivering significant Barbarian DPS makes it a versatile tool. Used offensively alongside cards like Battle Ram or Miner, it can overwhelm opponents. Defensively, it shuts down pushes with its knockback effect and chip damage. The Barbarian Barrel thrives in the current meta due to its ability to punish Goblin Barrel plays and counter-swarm decks prevalent in the lower arenas.

3. Heal Spirit

Long overshadowed by the Healing Spirit, the Heal Spirit is quietly proving its worth. Its lower cost allows for more aggressive plays, boosting troops during a crucial push. It excels in decks built around fast troops like Skeleton Army and Goblin Gang, providing that extra edge to secure victories. Additionally, the Heal Spirit counters graveyard decks, a rising threat in the meta.

4. Golem

Traditionally, Golem decks focused on slow, heavy pushes. However, a new breed of Golem decks with a more aggressive approach is emerging. These decks utilize cards like Lumberjack and Mega Knight to support the Golem, creating surprise bursts of damage. This playstyle catches the opponents off-guard, who are accustomed to the slower Golem archetype. This aggressive Golem variant thrives against decks built to counter traditional Golem pushes.

5. Poison

Poison, a spell often overlooked in favor of fireball or lightning, is making a comeback. Its unique damage-over-time effect excels in the current meta with its ability to counter swarm decks and chip away at high-health tanks like Golem and Pekka. Additionally, Poison synergizes well with X-Bow decks, further fueling their comeback.

Remember, the meta is fluid, and these cards might require adjustments as the game evolves. However, by understanding these Clash Royale underused cards and exploring these off-meta archetypes, you can gain a competitive edge and surprise your opponents on the battlefield.