Razer Unique Store

One of the best news a gamer could get is getting more goods with your cash. Thankfully, with the Razer Store, you get almost twice the amount of “gaming stuff” with the Razer Gold Coins and Razer Silver Coins. Additionally, when you activate a Razer Gold Gift Card, you receive the same amount of Gold and Silver Coins.


Depending on the currency in your virtual wallet, you can get video games, monthly subscriptions, and gaming peripherals. In this article, we’ll focus on one of the best options from the Razer Store, Horizon Zero Dawn.

Horizon Zero Dawn Game Review

When Horizon Zero Dawn appeared in the gaming community, you needed a Playstation 4 console. However, thanks to the evolving market from this type of “art,” we now have the option to try this video game on our computers (PCs).


Overall, HZD (Horizon Zero Dawn) is an action-packed video game with sci-fi elements, a great combat system, and wrapped in a breathtaking story. You play as “Aloy,” an outcast who wants to gain recognition from the tribe with her powerful hunting techniques and superior technology.


From the beginning of HZD, you will find these astonishing gaming mechanics:

Outstanding Single-Player Experience

Forget about your Internet connection and the hustle of playing with “LAG” (gaming hiccups). After you Buy Razer Gold and download Horizon Zero Dawn, you can play and finish the story without “being” chained to your ISP (Internet Service Provider).


Without a doubt, you can take advantage of this “feature” when you’re gaming on vacation, have a terrible connection, or play with the Steam Deck or a similar device. Moreover, since there are no planned updates, you can store this video game and continue with the story whenever you want.


Above all, the pace and engrossing story bits will keep you hooked until you reach the end-game credits. We don’t want to spoil anything, but we dare you to try for at least two hours, and you’ll soon understand the praise.

Open World Exploration

After you pass through the tutorial, the upcoming parts of HZD will feel less linear. As you advance through the story, you can visit multiple NPCs (Non-Playable Characters) and partake in unique activities. For example, you can hunt mechanical beasts and “harvest” their electronic parts for future upgrades.


Since Horizon Zero Dawn follows the sci-fi genre, you can find distinctive game-world elements and check how this virtual world works without the player’s input (without you messing around).

Multiple Hunting Techniques

You have different tools and weapons that help your hunting needs. Since your prey is more into the “robotic” spectrum, you’ll get advanced gadgets. Therefore, you’ll find unique bows, game-breaking spears, and mechanical traps.


Also, you get a skill system that helps you add more acrobatics and special effects to your arsenal.