What is Your Favorite NBA 2K18 Single Player Activity?

MyCareer. This is not only the most popular NBA 2K18 single player mode but it’s also one of the reasons the 2017 iteration got such good reviews. As players know from the previous versions, this is a single player development mode. Players create a personalized avatar called MyPlayer. The journey from beginner to NBA star is challenging but rewarding. Players will find out that an NBA aspirant has more than training to worry about. Sponsors and popularity are also important aspects for star wannabes. MyPlayer will be used to also take part in multiplayer activities as well. One of the newest modes, The Neighborhood, is available as an online mode. This is a hub where MyPlayers can interact and take part in all sorts of activities. In MyCareer, players also have the option to create MyCourt. This is a mode that allows them to create a personalized court. Players can also display game accomplishments such as awards. If users choose the interact, they can visit each other’s courts and take part in multiplayer games.

MyGM: The Next Chapter. This mode is a single player story driven experience. NBA 2K17 showed players how’s it like to be a young basketball player trying to make it into the NBA but NBA 2K18 takes things one step further with MyGM. Players are not in charge of one player anymore, they are in charge of an entire team. The story takes shape and evolves based on the choices players make.

MyLeague. Another mode that is a players’ favorite, MyLeague has received some updates for the 2017 game edition. NBA 2K18 players have the chance to create a league and see to every aspect of it. When creating their own leagues players will be able to select how many teams are part of it and how many matches are played. These are just a few of the customization options. There are various ways to play this mode and get NBA 2K18 MT. It can be played for just one season or more. There is also the possibility to play it online.