The 3 Players to Attack Correctly in Madden NFL 18

We have been with Madden NFL 18 for a couple of months now, however, the big wave of new fans keeps coming to the game. It is amazing to see how a series of sports so old (since the time of the Atari) remains in force; and the most incredible thing is that it remains among the top 10 best sellers month after month.

This is due to the great success of football at a global level. For sample, it is enough to see the lobbies of the multiplayer of Madden NFL 18 to realize the amount of new players that arrive every day; and for all those new players we have a surprise and a lot of cheap Madden NFL 18 coins demands!

New in Madden? Drag the competition with these players

If you are new to Madden, do not worry, we have you covered! We will show you below the 3 best players you can choose, so you know which team is the best to start your journey. Let us begin!

Tom Brady – Quarterback

We all know about Tom Brady. We know that he is the most special player of the Patriots and we know that thanks to him they also won the Super Bowl. However, Tom has a true cannon per arm, which allows him to throw long and accurate passes.

Le’Veon Bell – Running backs

The Steelers were blessed with this runner who, despite his great size and musculature, can run at great speeds and get rid of the opponents. Of course, of course, we refer to that it manages to block them well.

Julio Jones – Wide receivers

The Atlanta Falcons have a born runner, since in 2 seasons he has managed 9,054 yards! With such a fast receiver, you will surely have no problem intercepting any pass.