NBA 2K18 – Phase Two of the NBA 2K League Qualification Has Begun

This year marks the beginning of the NBA 2K League with NBA 2K18 as the first featured game. The preparations for the first season have already begun with the qualification stage. During the month of January, NBA 2K18 players who managed to score 50 victories in Pro-Am qualified for the next phase. It should be noted that this was just the first step. There will be one more qualification phase and also a draft. The second qualification stage has been announced. It’s called NBA 2K League Combine and it will take place starting with February 2nd until February 21st. The players competing in this phase are those who completed the previous requirement. At this stage, it’s not possible to enter the qualifications any longer.

During the combine phase, qualifiers will also need to fill in an online application. It was first announced that the application will be a requirement for the first phase, but it was moved in the second one. After the combine stage begins, NBA 2K18 and NBA 2K18 MT will update for the qualifiers. A menu option called NBA 2K League Combine will be available in the game. To qualify for the next stage, players must take part in at least 40 games with a primary position. There are five positions: point guard, shooting guard, power forward, small forward, and center. For each position, five archetypes are available. An archetype has preset attributes and skills. There will be 12 events during which players can take part in games. A game has four rounds and each round lasts for six minutes. Teams will have five members. Each member is of a different position. The schedule for the events and the complete list of positions is available on the official NBA 2K League website. Players’ performance during these matches will be observed by the NBA 2K League team. Scored points, rebounds, block efficiency, and more will be taken into consideration when choosing the players who will advance to the next stage. The number of players has been increased so final teams will have six members instead of six. This means that 102 players will finish the combine and make it to the draft.