NBA Live Mobile – How Many of the New Year’s Sets Have You Completed So Far?

New Year’s Legends is an NBA Live Mobile category of sets that give players to chance to acquire a 92 OVR player. The condition that must be met to complete the set is to turn in 25 elite players with OVR between 80 and 99.

New Year’s Resolution is another category of sets that are available throughout the New Year’s celebration event. Sets included in this category offer the opportunity to turn program tokens into players that have gold or elite quality. All sets in this category are repeatable. Chance at New Year’s Player set gives one program player in exchange for five Highlight Reel tokens. These items are obtained by completing program themed live events. To complete the Gold New Year’s Player, 25 tokens are needed.

This set is more expensive costing a lot NBA Live Mobile coins, but the reward is also better. A gold program player will be obtained. Elite New Year’s Player set allows players to exchange 25 gold New Year’s player cards for one New Year’s elite player that has an OVR of at least 84. Elite New Year’s Player Re-Roll represents a good opportunity to exchange two program elite players for another one. It’s really important to have one of each available New Year’s elite players as these will be the requirement of the next set.

New Year’s Performers sets give awesome rewards such as 92 OVR player cards. There are two sets to complete to acquire the grand program rewards. New Year’s Series 1 Clockstoppers has three rewards. Players will get 91 OVR Victor Oladipo, 91 OVR Kawhi Leonard, and a special token. Oladipo goes in an NBA lineup while Leonard is for a classic lineup. The collectible obtained as a reward is called Clockstopper token. To complete this set, all ten elite program players are needed. 92 OVR New Year’s Clockstoppers is completed by turning in three of these tokens. The reward is 92 OVR Steph Curry. This card can be used for both lineups.