How to Obtain Extra NBA 2K17 Virtual Currency

Virtual currency or VC for short is a type of money used in several NBA 2K17 game modes. It’s mostly acquired in game and spent for all sorts of items. Players use VC to acquire items in MyCareer, MyGym, MyPark and MyTeam. The most common way and the most widely used method to obtain virtual currency is to simply play the game. All modes will give players various amounts of virtual currency for completing activities. Here are a couple of ways to boost the virtual currency income outside of the game. For NBA 2K17 MT, you could get them from online stores cheap and fast.

Players that become Twitch Prime members get a locker code for NBA 2K17. This code is exchanged for 75,000 VC and a card pack that can be used in MyTeam mode. This offer alone may not seem a reason to get Prime subscription but there are many other rewards included in the Twitch Prime membership that cater towards gamers.

MyNBA 2K17 is a free companion app for the game. It’s available for Android and iOS and it provides players with an easy way of obtaining VC. All players receive 500 virtual currency as a bonus for getting the app. Completing daily app activities is an easy way of acquiring virtual currency. Besides the VC reward, there are a couple of other reasons to get the app. Players can personalize MyPlayer thanks to the app, access the auction house, buy items from the MyPlayer store, watch 2KTV and more.

Watching 2KTV is another way of getting free virtual currency. Players not only get news about their favorite basketball franchise but they can also complete the trivia and get some VC. Answers can also be found on NBA 2K17 community pages.

NBA 2K18 includes some NBA 2K18 VC in the pre-order bonus. The amount depends on the chosen game version. The standard edition gives players 5,000 virtual currency. The legend edition comes with 100,000 VC. The legend gold edition includes 150,000 virtual currency.