What Will Happen With NBA Live Mobile In 2018

NBA Live Mobile is almost one year old. A very successful year during which the game gained millions of fans and players from all over the world. But no matter how good a game might be, players will eventually enter a routine and start wondering what the future of their favorite franchise will bring. In 2017, EA skipped PC and console versions for NBA Live game series and released only the mobile game app. NBA Live Mobile did well in maintaining fans interest in the franchise and even convinced new users to try it. Despite being a free to play game, it has a fair premium system that gives free users a chance. It has simple gameplay, challenging content for those who want a higher level of competition and catchy features that compel users to log in as often as possible.

An NBA Live game is scheduled to be released each year. There is already confirmation that a new NBA Live for consoles is in the works. It will probably be released by the end of 2017. A teaser website is up but details are scarce. More will be revealed at EA Play 2017, the event that celebrates Electronic Arts Games. What’s even more interesting is that NBA Live Mobile will be part of the event as well. More than 10 games will be part of the show including NBA Live Mobile and NBA Live 18. This means that EA still has plans for 2018 in the future. The game is very popular and it would be a bad decision to just abandon in the favor of the new title. Surely, long time NBA Live veteran fans will play the new title as soon as it’s available but there’s still a large portion of the player base who is not yet ready to part ways with NBA Live Mobile. More about the two titles will be known after the EA Play event. And we will keep offering free NBA Live Mobile coins price compare service for you in 2018.