NBA 2K23: New Rush Cards Now Available on MyTEAM

Every week, NBA 2K23 releases new card packs or series, adding exciting players to the MyTEAM game mode. The Rush card is the newest addition to the game, bringing five incredible players.
These players are all Dark Matter cards, with some amazing attribute stats and multiple Hall of Fame badges. This makes them very valuable players and an upgrade for most teams in MyTEAM. Even if they don’t make it into your starting lineup, they can add more depth to your team. If you don’t have enough NBA 2K MT coins to get them, come to U7BUY and buy our cheap coins.
So, let’s find out everything there is to know about the new NBA 2K23 Rush cards.

Rush cards

As mentioned above, 5 new Rush cards are available now in MyTEAM mode. They all have great badges and attributes. Some of them will be in most teams’ starting lineups right away. Others can provide some much-needed bench quality.
Those players are Dennis Rodman, Vlade Divac, Julius Randle, Sidney Moncrieff and Glenn Robinson. As we mentioned before, they are all 99 OVR Dark Matter cards.
These cards are easier to obtain than other Dark Matters. That’s because you can get them in Equal Opportunity Reward Packs. You can earn these packs by completing challenges on the MyTEAM Agenda. There are also other types of challenges that offer Equal Opportunity Reward Packs.
So you don’t need to spend that much to get these great cards. Instead, you can grind in some MyTEAM game modes, complete challenges, and collect as many Equal Opportunity Reward Packs as possible.
If you don’t want to grind for these cards, you can wait until tomorrow to buy them in the auction market. They will be in the NBA 2K23 Super Pack that goes live tomorrow. When the player pulls one of them, it can be listed in the auction market and earn some VC.
It’s worth noting that you won’t be able to sell them if you get any of these cards from the Equal Chance Rewards Pack.

All reward cards of Season 7

NBA 2K23 Season 7 is finally here, and players are loving it so far. Players have many quests and challenges to complete, and many rewards to claim.
Players are all focusing on getting the incredible 99 OVR Dark Matter Hakeem Olajuwon, who is arguably the best center in the game.