NBA 2K21: How to Call Plays


Like any other sports game, the depth of NBA 2K21 comes from reacting to position your opponents with the right game in seconds. That’s why we’re here to make sure you know what to do with a guide on how to call plays in NBA 2K21.
There are several different ways to call games in NBA 2K21, and you will need to know how to use all of them if you want to be successful on a regular basis.
The first method is to call a quick game that the game has decided is the best way to face your opponent. This is done by pressing the left directional button on the D-Pad, and is the best way to change where all the players are on offense in seconds.
This can allow you to react quickly and effectively to the opposing team’s defensive movements, allowing you to focus your energy and focus on driving the ball into the net.
On the other hand, if you are looking to make more complete changes to the position of your players, you can call a game by position by pressing L1 or R1 on PlayStation 4; LT or RT on Xbox One; or L or R on Nintendo Switch to give specific instructions to a specific player.
By continuously pressing any of the buttons, you will be able to cycle through all your players and apply a specific game to them. This can be useful when your opponent is using unorthodox plays to apply pressure to you and can allow your team to implement strategies that the game would not see otherwise.
These commands also apply if you want to summon defensive groups in NBA 2K21. If you want to change the way you try to pressure your opponent, you can search for your players and select specific games to run. Again, this is useful if you have to react to your opponent’s unorthodox moves or if you want to pressure him in a way that allows you to steal the ball and go on the attack. .
Hope this clears up how to call plays in NBA 2K21. If you are enjoying NBA 2K21, don’t forget you can buy NBA 2K MT coins on MTStacks store!