NBA 2K20 – Buzzer Beater Players

Buzzer Beater is an NBA 2K20 MyTeam collection that features eight amazing cards. These are some of the players that you will not want to miss.

The highest-rated cards of this collection are Kareem Abdul-Jabbar ’89 and Stephen Curry ’16. Abdul-Jabbar has 99 OVR and the center/power forward position. The stats are 92 outside scoring, 99 inside scoring, 94 defending, 96 athleticism, 74 playmaking, 98 rebounding. The player is depicted wearing the Milwaukee Bucks jersey.

Curry is a point guard/shooting guard. He has the same OVR as Kareem Abdul-Jabbar. The card depicts Curry wearing the Golden State Warriors uniform. This card has the following stats: 98 outside scoring, 88 inside scoring, 91 defending, 95 athleticism, 98 playmaking, and 70 rebounding.

There are two 98 OVR cards. Chris Webber ’08 is one of them. Webber is a center/power forward. This card captures the player while he was with the Sacramento Kings. The stats are 94 outside scoring, 94 inside scoring, 90 defending, 92 athleticism, 86 playmaking, and 96 rebounding. Pete Maravich ’80 is the other 98 OVR card from this collection. This point guard/shooting guard card has 94 outside scoring, 84 inside scoring, 86 defending, 94 athleticism, 96 playmaking, and 45 rebounding. This player was part of Utah Jazz.

De’Aaron Fox is a point guard/shooting guard with 97 OVR. His card shows him in the Sacramento Kings uniform. The stats are 91 outside scoring, 82 inside scoring, 86 defending, 97 athleticism, 91 playmaking, and 51 rebounding. Drazen Petrovic ’93 is another 97 OVR card. His position is shooting guard/small forward. This player is from Croatia and at that time he was playing for the New Jersey Nets. His stats are 98 outside scoring, 79 inside scoring, 81 defending, 89 athleticism, 87 playmaking, and 53 rebounding.

Paul Pierce ’08 is a 95 OVR card. Pierce’s position is power forward/small forward. This player was with the Boston Celtics. This card has the following stats: 92 outside scoring, 88 inside scoring, 82 defending, 90 athleticism, 80 playmaking, and 72 rebounding. Toni Kukoc ’98 completes the collection. His OVR is 95 and his position is small forward/power forward. His stats are 93 outside scoring, 84 inside scoring, 78 defending, 77 athleticism, 87 playmaking, and 81 rebounding. The card shows Kukoc when he was with the Chicago Bulls.

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(Contributed by Reda)