FIFA 20 Global Series Has Started!

FIFA 20 players are getting ready for a new Global Series tournament. It wasn’t long ago that the previous tournament ended and crowned MoAuba as the best FIFA 19 player in the world. But since then the new EA SPORTS FIFA game launched and a new iteration of the famous competition was set in motion.

This season will bring together more than 20 football leagues from five continents. Fans are excited to see their favorite professional players and to see the newcomers. The good news is that everyone has a chance at winning the tournament. There will be multiple events that give players the chance to take part in competitions such as PlayStation Events, eNations Cup, and many others.

Those who think they have a shot will start by registering for the tournament. They have until the end of October 2019 to complete the registration. The Road to the eWorld Cup is the first phase of the tournament. Players will need to become FUT Champions Verified. This is done by achieving elite 1 rank. The next step is to start winning points. The entire process is explained in great detail on the official game website.

The tournament has eight types of events. There will be six FUT Champion Cups that have a prize pool of $200,000. FIFA Majors such as FIFA eNations Cup and FIFA eWorld Cup are also part of the tournament. Licensed qualifying events will be held in collaboration with partners. League Qualifying Events include more than 20 leagues such as Champions League, Bundesliga, and more. EChampions League is for PlayStation 4 competitors. PlayStation 4 Country Tournaments are organized by Sony. FUT Champions Weekend League gives players the chance to get points. Global Series Playoffs offers the last opportunity to get points before the eWorld Cup.

The points allocation system for each type of tournament is available on the game’s website. The official rules are available there as well. In case you are new to the Global Series, you need to know that only PlayStation 4 and Xbox One players can register and qualify to play.

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(Contributed by Reda)