NBA 2K League Season 2 is Starting

After a successful NBA 2K League first season, NBA 2K19 players are getting ready for season 2. The first event of the new season is the qualifying stage. Players have a new chance to become champions and they must start working towards it already. The qualifying event lasts throughout the month of November so there is plenty of time to secure a spot.

Players will begin by filling a registration form. They have until the end of the qualifying period to do this. The application can be found on the official NBA 2K League website. Players will have to answer all sorts of questions that will test their knowledge about NBA 2K19, NBA 2K series, and NBA. There must also submit an audio introduction about what drives them in this new season.

To qualify, players need to achieve at least 100 wins. They can do so in the Pro-Am mode. This mode requires players to use MyPlayer character in a five versus five format. Players individual skills, as well as team interaction, are tested. The alternative to Pro-Am mode is playing at the Jordan Rec Center. But there is also one more condition. At least half of the played games must be won. Here is an example. If a player takes part in 200 games and wins 100, then they will qualify. If they take part in more than 200, they won’t because they have lost more than half. So it’s important to score wins but also to avoid too many losses. It also counts as a loss if the player leaves a game in progress or doesn’t complete it. Players that win more than 100 games don’t have a better chance. Players can check out their progress at any time by accessing the NBA 2K League tab in the game’s menu.

Those who were part of the first season are automatically qualified should they wish to join for season 2. The players who enter the qualifying event in season 2 must have a copy of the game for Xbox One or PlayStation 4. They also need to be at least 18 years old. After the qualifying stage ends the players that are selected get ready for the draft. Buy NBA 2K19 MT and start prepare from now cause this will take place next year.