How to Manage Your NBA Live Mobile Team

Team management is an important part of NBA Live Mobile gameplay. The entire game experience depends on how players decide to customize their teams. Players that wish to make team changes have to first tap the My Team option from the main menu.

Users will notice different lineups with different players. NBA Live Mobile has five lineups that allow users to change play style depending on the selected lineup. For example, when opting for the defensive approach, the game will use players that are associated with the defensive lineup. Same goes with shooting or other lineups. Users are free to put any player they like in a lineup provided that the chosen player is able to fill a spot in the lineup. This all depends on player’s specialization. To find out more about a player, users can tap on his card. This will show lineup, position and OVR rating. There are NBA Live Mobile players that have a special ability. If the player possesses such an ability, an icon is shown on his card. Tapping that icon will reveal more about his special ability.

A lineup has an overall rating that depends on the quality of the players that are part of it. A team has a franchise rating that is calculated based on the OVR of its lineups. So it’s important to upgrade lineup OVR. This is done by assigning players with a higher overall rating. There are various ways to obtain better NBA Live Mobile players. There are lots of programs that require players to complete live events that reward tokens needed for sets that have high overall players as rewards. Players are also found in packs bought from the store. The auction house allows players to trade cards among themselves for NBA Live Mobile coins. When a lineup is selected, players can also see which ones of their cards can be used in that lineup. It’s possible to compare two player cards by dragging one over the other. Each lineup has a special H2H option next to it. If that option is enabled by tapping it, that lineup will be used in games against others when the player receives a challenge.