Valorant Console Leap: Everything You Need to Know

Without a doubt, Valorant from its initial release has been evolving and captivating its gaming players with tons of amazing updates and continues to do so. But now Valorant is shifting to a very new realm–You guessed right! That’s the console. The electrifying announcement is Riot Games will be in consoles soon including Xbox Series X|S & PlayStation. If you want to know the complete details about the Valorant Console release like the limited beta, gameplay differences, crossplay, etc, then this article is for you.


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What is Valorant Console?

Riot Games announced during Summer Game Fest 2024 that Valorant, the famous PC game, will be available on PlayStation and Xbox consolesThe best thing is the console version will provide you with the same gaming experience as you enjoyed on PC because it can optimize the controllers and TV displays as well. One thing I have discovered is that they will make sure both users will get full customer support and updates at the same time without any inconsistency.


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The process to Join Limited Beta

To be a part of the beta, I will sign up at by using my already-created Riot Account.




As per developers, Beta is planning to expand in many regions but currently, they are available in North America, Japan, and the European Union.

But if you belong to another region and then get an invitation from your circle to play, you can redeem the code on your desired console. If the invitation is accepted then you can join immediately by linking your Riot Account.


Criteria for Beta Participation for Valorant Console:


  • The user must be from North America, Japan, or the European Union
  • You must have your  Playstation 5 or Xbox series.
  • Non-suspended/banned and fully active Valorant Account can only enter beta
  • Invitations must be from RIOT Games or a referral link from your circle.

Difference between Console and PC


The roots of the Valorant are the same as the Console but there are a few desirable changes.


A control feature is redesigned and a feature Focus Mode focuses on the hip-firing accuracy the same as on PC.


Menus and interfaces are redesigned to give gamers a better experience. No doubt, I have better control over navigation now.


Only console players can play with each other. But if you have a PC, sorry dude we can’t be gaming together.



Focus Mode-A Key Feature:


Now the Valorant is more accessible to console players as the Focus Mode feature is combined with light aim assist that is outstanding. It helped me to get more control over the joystick and aiming so easily at my target, the same as a mouse.


Cross-Save and Progression:

To my surprise, we can continue with the same progress between PC and console. No matter what is your progress, you will not lose your cosmetics and Battle Pass progress. So, there will be a safe switch between the console and PC without any loss.

Beta Duration and Future Release Plans:


Yes, we gamers are desperate to get the full version but RIOT games have not disclosed the date yet. Most probably it will be launched in the last quarter of 2024 or the first of 2025 depending on the desired performance of limited on Valorant console beta. So Buddy, till then enjoy what you have.