Unveiling Valorant Update 7.12: New Map, Gekko Buffs, and More

As the curtain falls on 2023, Riot Games gives Valorant enthusiasts the final patch of the year, Update 7.12, laden with exciting features and improvements. Among the highlights is the introduction of a captivating team deathmatch map, Drift, inspired by the vibrant floating markets of Thailand. Alongside this, Gekko receives significant buffs, promising a more dynamic gameplay experience. By the way, if you are going to buy Valorant accounts, check U7BUY first!

New Map – Drift:


The headline addition to Valorant Update 7.12 is the unveiling of the team deathmatch map, Drift. Crafted with precision, this map presents isolated lanes, fostering predictable yet engaging combat scenarios. The long-range midsection offers players numerous paths, encouraging strategic movements and dynamic engagements. Lead Map Designer Joey Simas emphasizes the inspiration drawn from Thailand’s picturesque floating markets, adding an artistic flair to the gaming experience.


Gekko’s Enhancements:


Gekko enthusiasts have reason to celebrate with the latest update. Notable buffs include a reduction in the time it takes to reclaim Dizzy, Wingman, and Thrash, from two seconds to one. This adjustment enhances Gekko’s usability, allowing players to deploy these abilities more frequently within a round. Additionally, Dizzy has undergone changes, firing faster to bolster its effectiveness in the heat of battle.


Skye’s Adjustments:


Update 7.12 also brings tweaks to Skye, with specific focus on nerfs to Trailblazer. These changes aim to balance gameplay by making it easier for opponents to strategize against Skye’s abilities. The wolf’s leap now locks the camera, limiting visibility and increasing the challenge of clearing multiple angles. Furthermore, if an enemy eliminates the wolf mid-leap, the concussion effect will not take effect. Players must exercise caution, as the ability now affects both allies and enemies.



Patch Highlights and Performance Updates:


Beyond the major additions, the patch introduces crucial bug fixes and performance updates. The official patch notes provide a comprehensive list of these improvements, ensuring a smoother and more enjoyable gaming experience for Valorant enthusiasts.




As Valorant enthusiasts bid farewell to 2023, the game’s final patch, Update 7.12, stands as a testament to Riot Games’ commitment to delivering engaging and balanced gameplay. Despite occasional missteps and divisive agent introductions, the year has seen solid patches and commendable content additions. Looking ahead to 2024, the community anticipates a continuation of the positive trend.


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