NBA 2K22 Season 4: How to get GO Jayson Tatum

However, it is quite a challenge to get it. Let’s go over how to earn the GO Jayson Tatum in NBA 2K22 Season 4. Only on U7BuyGames you will find the best NBA 2K22 coins prices and fast deliveries.

How to get the GO Jayson Tatum in NBA 2K22 Season 4
It won’t be an easy challenge to complete, but at least you’ll have a great amount of time to get it. Giving players plenty of time to earn all the My TEAM rewards. This Agenda was announced on January 21, 2022, and you’ll have until the end of NBA 2K22 Season 4 to complete it. NBA 2K22 Season 4 should end on February 25, 2022.

Playoff Push Agendas in NBA 2K22 MyTEAM will allow you to get six Pink Diamond players and, of course, GO Jayson Tatum. Here are the Agendas to complete in your quest to earn Jayson Tatum before the end of NBA 2K22 Season 4:

Playoffs Push: Atlantic (5 challenges).
Playoffs Push: Central (5 challenges)
Playoff Push: Southeast (5 challenges)
Playoff Push: Northwest (5 challenges)
Playoff push: Pacific (5 challenges)
Playoff push: Southwest (5 challenges)
Final Playoff Push (12 Challenges)

Each of the challenges within the Agendas varies in difficulty. Some of them require you to get 30 rebounds with a specific player in multiplayer games. It will take some work, but you should be able to complete them all before the end of NBA 2K22 Season 4.

Other Playoff Schedule Rewards
Even if you don’t complete everything to earn the GO Jayson Tatum, there are other rewards you can get. The good thing is that you can choose which reward to focus on.

Let’s say you want the Ben Gordon Pink Diamond, all you need to do is get 30 rebounds with the Andrew Bogut Rewards in the Playoff Push: Central Agenda.

PD AYTON: Maintain your position in the paint with PD Deandre Ayton.
Here are some other interesting rewards you can look forward to in this NBA 2K22 season 4 schedule:

Diamond Jose Calderon
Larry Johnson Diamond
Stephen Jackson Diamond
Deandre Ayton pink diamond
Pink Diamond Tim Hardaway
Gordon Hayward Pink Diamond

Remember that since these are Rewards cards, you will only be able to receive them by completing the Diaries in MyTEAM. This includes the Galaxy Opal Jayson Tatum.