NBA 2k21: The best badges to build a Power Forward

We discussed the different types of player in a previous article and as we stated then, Power Forwards are players who rely mainly on their physical attributes as well as their speed and ability to shoot from various positions. The badges you chose for them should improve their natural abilities further.

Let’s start this list with the Box badge. This one makes it easier to perform rebounds by making it easier for your MyPlayer, to prevent his opponents from getting around him. When this badge activates, your player will get better box-outs animations.

Next we have the Worm badge, which almost has the opposite effect to the Box. It makes your player better at resisting box-out attempts from the opponent’s defense. This badge improves you player ability to perform rebounds.

The Chase Down badge activates when your player finds himself behind an opponent. When the right conditions are met, he will attempt to block the ball. The badge also boosts the speed and vertical skills of the player.

The Rim Protector badge unlocks new blocking animations for your player and boosts your Team Takeover every time you perform a successful block. The badge activates when your player blocks a shot.

The Brick Wall serves two purpose, on top of making your player better at performing screens, it will cause a greater stamina consumptions from your opponents. This badge activates when attempting to screen one of your opponents.

Lastly we have the Post Spin Technician Badge will give your player better post spin and post drive animations. This badge activates when your player attempts to spin or drive past one of your opponents. The badge gives your player’s speed the right amount of boost to pass the defenders more easily.

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