NBA 2k21: Our impressions of NBA 2K 21 Arcade Edition

A little disclaimer before getting started, we played the game on an iPhone and your experience may vary if you are using another Apple device. We will start with the visual aspect of the game, and let’s be honest it looks gorgeous on mobile phone. The FPS is stable even when both teams appear on the screen at the same time and the details are well represented which is nice to see on a mobile game. Using a recent phone will make the experience even better.

In terms of content, the results are not as good, all the NBA teams are present in the game along with all their members. However the game is lackluster when it comes to game modes, this version only features three game modes, Play Now, MyCareer and Black Top. MyTeam is not present in this version of the game because in app transactions are forbidden on Apple arcade.

The Play Now mode is a quick game that allow you to play a simple match without any additional hassle. The loading times are fast and you can start trying the mobile gameplay; that’s where the first issues appear. Trying to play a basketball game on a mobile device is not as easy as it seems and you will need to adapt to the wonky controls of the game. The main issue is that the controls are way too sensitive and your players will run whether you want it or not. If you have ever played the game, you must know that this will affect your players stamina.

The control issues affect both defense and offense and you will find yourself looking for a controller in order to enjoy the game as it is meant to. The Back to Top mode is a street basketball mode that is exclusive to this version of the game and MyCareer will let you experience the same story you played on the consoles version of the game.

All in all NBA 2K21 Arcade is not a bad game if you own a controller but it is not indispensable if you already own the console version of the game.

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