NBA 2K21: When Will The Prelude Come Out?

NBA 2K21 was confirmed for release on September 4th. Info about the game has been scarce so far. We know who the cover athletes are, we can pre-order the game, we can listen to the soundtrack for free on Spotify, and we know that the game will have fast loading times. Other than that, 2K hasn’t released any info regarding the 2020 installment. As we all know, the NBA 2K series comes with a demo called the Prelude. This is usually available a few weeks before the game is released. Hints point out that the NBA 2K21 Prelude might be available in late August.

NBA 2K20 released on September 6th. The demo for this game was available on August 21st. NBA 2K19 released on September 7th and its demo was available on August 31st. Considering that NBA 2K21 is coming on September 4th, it looks like 2K is following the same schedule as with the past years’ games. Chances are that they will keep this schedule for the Prelude as well. So we can expect the Prelude around August 21st or even a few days earlier. We are glad to see that the work on NBA 2K21 was not delayed by the corona outbreak.

Many popular games, including MMORPGs Elder Scrolls Online and Final Fantasy XIV, have had delayed expansion and patch launches due to the global pandemic. But 2K seems to have things under control and that can only mean good news for the people waiting for the new game. The demo is important as it gives players a chance to try before buying. Not all players pre-order the game. Some wait for the Prelude, others wait for first impressions, while others wait for a discount. The demo contains a part of the game and it’s also a good way to test how the game runs on your PC. Console gamers don’t need to stress about system requirements.

Last year’s demo included MyCareer and the new character creation for MyPlayer. Those who tried the demo had the chance to start MyCareer before others. The demo also comes with the official companion app that provides extended game functionality. The app allows players to scan their faces and create a personalized MyPlayer. This year’s game comes with a one of a kind deal that allows players to get a copy of NBA 2K21 for next-gen consoles for free.

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(Contributed by Reda; Edited by Hermes_Fang)