What You Need To Know About NBA 2K20 Pack Odds

NBA 2K20 MyTeam packs have random contents. We all know that’s the way this mode works. It’s one of the annoying things about the game but also one of the most exciting. It’s annoying because you never know what player item cards you will receive when opening a pack.
It’s exciting because you wait in anticipation of revealing the new cards and hope for a player item that is not in your collection yet. The contents are random but we do have some info about the cards that may be in the packs. For starters, the name of the pack gives an accurate description of its contents.
Packs may be part of certain collections, such as Heat Check, so you know what players to expect from that pack. You should follow NBA 2K20 MyTeam on Twitter to get a sneak peek of a pack’s contents before it becomes available. In addition to all of these, we also have something called pack odds that help us make an idea about the cards inside a pack.
The pack odds give players a better understanding of the arrangement of the cards in a pack. These pack odds were publicly made available on the official NBA 2K20 website so this information is official and as accurate as possible.
Before opening a pack, you can check out the approximate chance of finding a player item card within a certain OVR range in that type of pack. Each kind of pack has its probabilities but one thing is the same for all packs. You are guaranteed to get at least one player item card that has at least 68 OVR from every base MyTeam pack. At the same time, there is an 18% chance to get an 80+ OVR card. Let’s check out the probabilities for all types of packs.
These are the probabilities for the base League Moments, Spotlight, and Heat Check packs: There is a 70% chance to get a 70+ OVR player, a 40% chance to get a 75+ OVR player, and an 18% chance to receive an 80+ OVR player.
Here are the probabilities for the standard and deluxe Heat Check and League Moments packs: There’s an 80% chance to get a 70+ OVR player, a 65% chance to get a 75+ OVR card, a 43% chance to obtain an 80+ OVR player, a 23% chance to get an 84+ OVR player, and a 5% chance to get an 87+ OVR player. If the pack includes a 93+ OVR player, the chance to get him is 2%.
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(Contributed by Reda; Edited by Hermes_Fang)