NBA 2K20 – Nike Gamer Exclusive Sneakers

NBA 2K20 and Nike, the famous sports apparel manufacturer, entered an exclusive agreement that allows players to get in-game but also real-life goodies. It’s about a new collection of Nike shoes that can only be acquired by playing the game.

The sneakers in the collection will be released one pair at a time. This limited-edition shoes can only be acquired by taking part in the MyPlayer Nation mode. Players will participate in all sorts of challenges. This is how they unlock the sneakers in the game. Players will also get the chance to get a pair of real shoes using the Nike SNKRS mobile app.

Here is what you need to do. The purchase can only be done through the mobile app. The next step is to link your 2K account with the Nike account. This is done on the official NBA 2K20 website. Do this first and then take part in the Gamer Exclusive challenges. These are available within MyPlayer nation. Once you have completed the challenge, you can check the inbox from the Nike app. If you are one of the lucky players who got a pair, you will find the purchase instructions in the inbox.

The first pair of shoes from this collection is already available. The shoes are called LeBron 17 Bron 2K. The sneakers are purple and feature the Welcome to the Next motto as well as the 2K logo. If you want to unlock these shoes, you will have to get a rating of 98 or 99 with MyPlayer. The point is to beat LeBron’s rating. After you have done this, you need to win a MyPlayer Nation match. Complete this challenge and you will unlock the shoes in the game.

Unfortunately, there are some restrictions. This event is only available for those playing NBA 2K20 on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, or Nintendo Switch. PC players don’t have access to the challenges and cannot unlock the shoes for MyPlayer. The physical purchase is limited to USA residents so if you are from another country you will have to settle for the in-game shoes. The collection has 10 shoes. Each pair of shoes comes from completing a unique challenge. Keep in mind that you have limited time to complete the challenge. Don’t forget that the physical shoes come in limited supply so if you want a pair you should buy it as soon as you unlock it.

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(Contributed by Reda)