FIFA 20 – FUT Friendlies House Rules

Friendlies are a new FIFA 20 feature. This is a new Ultimate Team mode that allows players to engage in all sorts of fun matches. House rules are available for friendlies. Four new rules have been specially created for friendlies. You will be able to use these four new rules and existing ones to create all sorts of games. Let’s take a look at the new house rules.

Max Chemistry rule removes all restrictions regarding squad building. Footballers will have a chemistry boost. The position does not affect this boost. When you choose this rule, you will notice that all players have 10 chemistry. The team will have 100 chemistry. This provides players with the perfect opportunity to test out various squad setups and to experiment with chemistry styles.

Swap rule puts a real twist on the game. Before the game begins, you and your opponents will trade players. Three random players from your team will be swapped with three random players from your opponent’s team. You might get the three best players or your opponents will get the players that are the most important for your team. The selection is random so you will never know in advance. Needless to say, you need to be able to change your strategy if you want to win the game. There’s one more surprise. If you score a goal with one of your opponent’s FIFA 20 players, you will get two points for it.

Mystery Ball rule gives various power-ups to the ball. The ball changes each time it leaves play. The ball will have a goal value that ranges between one and three. The player who has the ball gets boosts to shooting, dribbling, speed, passing, or the all ball effect that has them all.

King of The Hill rule requires players to keep the ball in a control zone while the goal meter fills. The trick is that the zone will become smaller over time. You need to be in possession of the ball and try to obtain the max value of three and then score.