FIFA 19 Guides: PC Controls for Movement and Attacking

Are you playing FIFA 19 on PC using the mouse and keyboard? Then you should get familiar with these controls. The sooner you know your way around the field, the sooner you will start winning matches.

Here are the movement controls. Use the mouse movement to move the footballer. If you want to sprint, then you need to hold left control and press the direction key. If you want to do a shield/jockey move, press W and hold the direction key. For a first touch or knock-on move, you have to press left control alongside mouse movement and the direction key. A skill move is performed using the middle mouse mode and the direction key. The stop and face goal move is achieved with left shift. If you press the W key with the left control, then you will do a face up dribbling move. Using left control stops the ball. If you press the W key, then you will do a jostle move.

Here are the attacking controls. Press the right mouse button for a ground pass or header move. When you press the S key, you will do a lob pass or a cross or a header. The A key is used to achieve a through pass. The left mouse button is used for a shoot or a volley or a header move. You can do a timed shot by pressing both mouse buttons at the same time. No touch feint moves are done with the left shift and the mouse movement. A chip shot is achieved with the left shift key and the left mouse button. If you want to do a finesse shot, then you need to press the D key and the left mouse button. If you press the left shift, D key, and the left mouse button, you will achieve a low shot or a downward header. You can do a fake shot with either mouse buttons and the direction key. A fake pass is done with the S key, the right mouse button, and the direction key. Pressing the D and A key will make your player to do a threaded through pass.

Easy, right? Good luck playing and wish you get more FIFA coins!