NBA 2K19 and NBA 2K Playgrounds Bundle is Now Available

A new NBA 2K19 bundle is available. This special offer includes NBA 2K19 and NBA 2K Playgrounds. The two games can be bought for a great price in digital format. This offer is available for those who play on PC, PlayStation 4, and XBox One. This is a great chance to acquire both games and some goodies. Or maybe you own the games already and you are looking to buy a holiday present for a buddy. No matter what your motivation might be, this offer is too good to pass. You can find the bundle on the official NBA 2K19 website. Make sure that the NBA 2K19 + NBA 2K Playgrounds Bundle is selected. Then choose the country. Next comes the platform choice. As you can see, the bundle is only available in digital format. Depending on your choice, you will be sent to your console’s web store or to Steam for PC. Complete the purchase and you just made a great deal.

The standard NBA 2K19 edition is part of the bundle. This version of the game comes with 5,000 VC that can be spent on many items. A collection of 10 MyTeam packs is also included. The last reward is a sapphire card for MyTeam. The player on the card is Giannis Antetokounmpo. As you can imagine, those who get the bundle get some extra rewards too. They will get 35,000 VC that can be used in NBA 2K19. The reward for NBA 2K Playgrounds includes two MVP packs.

NBA 2K Playgrounds is an arcade style basketball themed game. It’s not as hardcore as NBA 2K19 so it’s a great game for a passionate basketball fan who wants some casual basketball themed gameplay. The game features an impressive selection of basketball players. Current and veteran players are part of this roster. The game has dedicated servers and matchmaking. Players can join a game with three others and make custom matches. Buy NBA 2K19 MT cheap to build your own team and join it now. Lots of battlegrounds are also available. Many modes including three point games offer plenty of activities.