NBA 2K19 – Packs and Playoffs

NBA 2K19 has a MyTeam mode called Packs and Playoffs. This mode gives players the chance to create all sorts of teams and to test them. The trick is that players have to learn to work with what they got. They will receive some cards that can be used to build the team. The coach is one of the most important team members. Players will acquire coaches from special coaches pack. Be careful what coach you select for your team because the optimizing system is based on the coach. Players should carefully select basketball players that are compatible with the system.

Basketball players are acquired from packs. There are five basketball players in a team. The system proficiency depends on the selected players. No choice is left to chance. NBA 2K19 players must make informed decisions to make sure they have the best possible team. They will be testing their team against other players’ team so this mode is a competitive one. The next part of this mode is about matches. There are four playoffs rounds and one final. A round is a best of seven elimination event. Players have to win four games to make it to the next level. If they lose four matches then it’s game over for them. Players can revise their team before taking on the next opponent. They can spend some coins or buy NBA 2K19 MT to keep the basketball players they want and they can replace the others. Players get rewards based on how far they advance. The game uses a prize ladder. The objective is to make it as far as possible to get better and better rewards. Players who become finals champions get a prize to match their rank. This mode has the prizes from Blacktop mode. The players selection is generous and the best part is that there are some players that are not available in other modes. Players can also acquire special cards that will get them a nice advantage.