How to Prepare for NBA 2K19 Release Day

There’s not that much time left before NBA 2K19 releases. On September 11th, lots of players will get to experience a new NBA 2K installment on several platforms. What you need to know is that NBA 2K19 won’t be released for last generation consoles anymore so if you were relying on your PS3 or Xbox 360 to play the game, then it’s bad news for you. You will have to upgrade or get the game for PC or Nintendo Switch. This is also a good time to pre-order NBA 2K19 and buy NBA 2K19 MT if you haven’t already. There are some compelling pre-order bonuses plus a four days head start for those who get the game early. If you are waiting for a collector’s edition, then you might start looking for a local retailer who takes pre-orders. These special editions are limited and are sold pretty fast. Alternatively, you can get the digital edition from Steam or your console’s store.

Assuming that your machine is set up for NBA 2K19 and the pre-order is placed, you can now check out the game demo and the soundtrack. Unfortunately, the demo is available only on consoles. If you have a friend with an Xbox One or PS4, you might want to pay them a visit and play the first chapter of the story mode. The Prelude introduces the new story development of MyPlayer. As with the previous installments, NBA 2K19 pays special attention to the soundtrack that helps create an authentic basketball atmosphere. You can enjoy the entire list of songs that are part of the soundtrack on Spotify. There’s no charge so give them a listen. Now it would also be a good time to do some research on the new features and changes. Some of the MyTeam players have already been revealed so if you’re curious to see how your favorite basketball player evolved check out his stats. If you want an advantage over other players, head out to Twitter and look for the development blog announcements.