The Spanish Legends of the World Cup that Are not in FIFA 18

This Thursday marks the beginning of the 2018 World Cup in Russia, the sports event that the world of football has been waiting for four years. For a few weeks, lovers of video games can be whetting appetite thanks to the free update of FIFA 18 with exclusive content for the World Cup.

One of the most charismatic aspects of this update is the appearance of the Icons in the special version of Ultimate Team of the FIFA World Cup. A selection of footballers who have made history in the World Cups thanks to memorable performances.

The best players in Spain in the World Cups

The only Spanish player that is part of this selection of Icons is Carles Puyol. However, we can think of many other retired footballers who could have their Icon version because of their starring role in the National Team jersey.

Pep Guardiola
The coach who made history in command of the best FC Barcelona of all time and who is doing the same today with Manchester City was also one of the players with more creativity and vision of the game that are remembered. Just thinking about a version of him as an Icon makes our mouth water.

Raúl González
He was the leader of the National Team for many years. One of his top scorers and one of the most charismatic players who have dressed the shirt of the Red. We do not doubt that Raúl will end up becoming an Icon and that it will be very fun to play with him.

Fernando Hierro
One of the most illustrious captains in the history of Spain, he was a key player in both the National Team and Real Madrid for many years. Hierarchy and a vision of prodigious game to get the ball played from behind were some of its main characteristics as a player. In addition, we have already seen him as Legend in old FIFA.
Emilio Butragueño
Fast, skillful with the ball and very upright. That was Emilio Butragueño as a player. We already saw him being part of the Legends team several editions of FIFA and we would not be surprised to see him again very soon.

Xavi Hernandez
The guiding light of the best Spanish team of all time well deserves its Icon version. In fact, we are confident that you will end up taking it out in future editions of FIFA.