NBA 2K18 MyTeam Collection Classification

Present Team collections. There are numerous NBA 2K18 MyTeam collections. The easiest way to classify them is by league and date. There are two types of team collections: present and historic. The present team collection has six subsets representing leagues such as Atlantic, Pacific, Central, Northwest, Southwest, and Southeast. Each subset has five collections that represent teams. This totals to 30, the number of NBA teams. A team collection has players that are currently part of that team. The number of cards that are part of a team collection may not always be the same.

Historic Team collections. This type of collections is very similar to the first one. It has the same structure. There are six leagues with five collections. The difference is that historic collections have past team setups and compositions. These collections are a window into the NBA’s past. Players that are part of these collections have attributes that reflect their performance at that time.

Moments collections. Moments cards depict players in various stages of their career. Even if a basketball player has several MyTeam cards, it’s the attributes that make a difference. Moments cards use attributes to highlight a moment or stage in a player’s career.

Playoff Moments collections. Just as the name suggests, these collections capture players during Playoff games. Once again, the attributes are what sets these cards apart from other cards even when they represent the same basketball player.

Free Agent collections. Cards that are under the free agent umbrella depict players in their free agent stage. There aren’t that many free agent cards available.

Theme collections. These are special collections that are periodically released. One theme collection is available once or every two weeks. Players in these collections are acquired as premium cards from packs. Most theme collections have a special reward card. This card is obtained when the collection is fully completed. The reward card cannot be bought. Some of the themed collections are All-Stars players, League Leaders, Opening Night, and Rim Rockers.