Cristiano Ronaldo celebrates virally with the referee in FIFA 18

If you are a football fan and not just FIFA 18, you know that these weeks are intense moments in the Champions League semi-finals. However, something that happened in FIFA 18 has transcended real life.

Real Madid vs. Juventus was also lived in FIFA 18. A curious video has gone viral on Twitter for the celebration of Cristiano Ronaldo and the rest of the squad of Real Madrid with the referee. The play of quarterfinals of the Champions League has generated much controversy and that was the reaction of the people.

A glorious ending

Everything seemed to indicate that Real Madrid and Juventus would go to overtime after the three goals scored by the Italian team. However, in the last minute of the game a penalty was called in favor of the meringues who would sentence their place in the semifinal.

Thanks to the header of Cristiano Ronaldo in the small area to enable Lucas Vázquez, and the Mehdi Benatia brand was awarded the controversial Madrid penalty. Gianluigi Buffon responded with an overwhelmed protest that cost him the expulsion and the move to the next phase.

Say hi to my old video

The FIFA 18 clip went viral was published last year by the user @ Durandil67, but several have begun to replicate the video as a mockery to the victory of the Spanish team. The fut 18 coins stores online are popular because of this game. With this game, Madrid is the only team in La Liga Santander (Santander League) that manages to reach the semifinals of the Champions League and dreams of lifting the cup for the second time in a row.