NBA Live Mobile – Get Ready for Fire and Ice the New Winter Program

This year’s NBA Live Mobile winter event is called Fire and Ice. The program marks the start of the festive season. Players all over the world celebrate holidays and the program gives them the opportunity to get some presents and take part in new events. As we all know, the new NBA Live Mobile Season started not long ago so players are at the beginning of their Season 2 adventure. Previous programs and events gave them the chance to get some player cards and items but the Fire and Ice program has some of the best cards as rewards which you can get even if you don’t have enough NBA Live Mobile Coins.

The first day of the program is December 14th. Players can already start participating in live events to earn event tokens. This year is Milk and Cookies tokens players will have to collect. There is a live event that is easily completed to get this reward. Players should look for the live events with the name “12 Days of Christmas”. The event can be repeated as many times as players wish but tokens are obtained just once per day. It doesn’t take too long to finish the event so players should do this every day. The tokens will be used to complete sets. Players would imagine that the set rewards are basketball player cards but the program has a surprise for them. The Fire and Ice set are called Presents because this is the reward obtained when completing them. There are different kinds of presents. There are 15 presents that are waiting to be collected. These presents will be put to use on December 19th. Starting with this day, players will be able to use presents to complete other types of program sets. This is how presents are turned into useful items.

New packs have been added to the store. Players are invited to check them out. There are different bundles and packs that allow players to obtain tokens. Two 91 OVR players can also be obtained from packs. The players are Dwayne Wade ’03 and Bill Russell ’64.