NBA 2K18 – Expand Your MyTeam Collection with the Matchup Nightmare Set

NBA 2K18 players have one more MyTeam card collection to start working on, the Matchup Nightmare. This newly added collection debuted on Halloween night and it contains players that will surely frighten their opponents. The prize for gathering all players from this collection is a ruby card that represents Yao Ming. This player was chosen as the most representative one for this collection. He is one of the tallest NBA players measuring 2.29 meters or 7 foot and 6 inches. Yao Ming is a retired NBA player. He used to play for the Houston Rockets. Those who wish to acquire his NBA 2K18 card should go to the pack market to get Matchup Nightmare packs so they can complete their collection as fast as possible. Here are other players included in this set.

Kelenna Azubuike is a gold player that has 98 in his driving dunk attribute. Players will use this card in seven seconds and balances systems. This card has good defense. Another gold player is Isaac Austin. His position is power forward and has 92 open shot mid. This player is known for his rebound skills and also for being a good scorer. Two emerald cards are included in the collection. Anthony Davis who has speed and standing dunk as his best attributes. The other emerald player is Mahmoud Abdul-Rauf who is a good card for offense. Sapphire players are part of the Matchup Nightmare collection as well. Tobias Harris from Orlando Magic fulfills the small forward and the power forward positions. This is one of the best cards in this collection and can make a difference if placed on the right team.

Dirk Nowitzki is another one of the tallest players. He measures 7 foot and 1 inches. He plays as a power forward and has good athleticism attribute. Al Harrington and Walt Frazier are other sapphire cards. Besides Yao Ming, there are two more ruby cards. One is John Havlicek and the other is Reggie Theus. So do you want to get these good players for your team? Cheap NBA 2K18 MT will help you get them easy in transfer market.