Five Useful NBA 2K17 Tips

Create an ultra personalized NBA 2K17 character. When creating a MyPlayer character, players can use a scan of their real face to give MyPlayer a one of a kind appearance. The MyNBA 2K17 app is needed to scan the user’s face. Multiple scans can be taken until users are happy with the result. Players can change MyPlayer’s looks at any time using the Appearance option.

Get rewards using the MyNBA 2K17 mobile app. The app is available for iOS and Android. It’s a free companion app that gives players a chance to get rewards and to manage their game. Apart from the face scan feature, players can use the app to earn virtual coins, to access the game’s store, to take part in mini-games, to perform trades on the auction house, and more.

Don’t forget about 2K TV. This is a show that can be watched within NBA 2K17, using the companion app, and on YouTube. The show is hosted by Rachel A DeMita. Players have the chance to see interviews with the developers and NBA stars, new feature previews, and to earn virtual NBA 2K17 MT and currency by taking the quizzes. If players are in MyCourt mode, they can take their character to the area that has the sofas. Their character will take a seat on the couch and start watching 2K TV.

How to skip cutscenes. All cutscenes must be watched at least one time before they can be skipped. Players also have to use the same profile to skip it. After the cutscene has been watched once, players can skip it by pressing A on an Xbox controller or X on a PS controller. Not all cutscenes can be skipped.

Practice moves. There are three modes that allow users to perfect their moves. 2KU is a game option found by accessing the Play Now menu. This offers players a variety of ways to practice moves. Another useful thing about 2KU is that it teaches players about basketball basics. The second method to practice moves is accessible within MyCareer mode when MyPlayer goes to the gym between games to train. The third option that offers a practice mode is the free form mode.