NBA 2K18 – Story Mode Introduction

NBA 2K18 takes the single player story driven experience to a whole new level by introducing a new mode called MyGM: The Next Chapter. In NBA 2K17, users were able to follow the career of a talented young NBA player thanks to the MyCareer mode. This is a single player mode that develops based on players decisions. NBA 2K18 The Next Chapter is similar in this regard but gives an entirely different perspective on the story. Users are not starting basketball players anymore, this time they are managers that run an NBA team. Players will pick up from where MyCareer mode ended. They are retired basketball players in search of a new experience. Playing basketball is no longer an option so they tackle the manager opportunity. An NBA team owner is looking for a general manager. Players will take this job and discover how’s it like to be in charge of a team.

Just like NBA 2K17 MyCareer, The Next Chapter is decision driven. The story and gameplay are shaped around players resolutions. Players will find themselves making decisions based on their interaction with the team owner, the players, the staff, and the press. From time to time, players will be faced with important decisions and what comes next is solely based on their answer. Various scenarios will have players interact will lots of people just like in MyCareer. The outcome of those interactions depends on how players think it’s best to handle a certain situation.

NBA 2K18 continues the story started in NBA 2K17 but some players are concerned that new NBA 2K players will miss the MyCareer experience. While MyCareer is a great single player mode, implementing something similar in NBA 2K18 will do nothing for the veteran players who already found out what’s it like to be a new basketball player. The Next Chapter provides an innovative experience for all players no matter if they’re veteran or rookies. No matter what, buy NBA 2K18 MT from online stores will be the best way to get them cheap and quick. Stay tuned for more NBA 2K18 news please.