How to Spend Virtual Currency in NBA 2K17

NBA 2K17 uses virtual currency, also called coins, as in game money. There are lots of ways to obtain it and even more ways to spend it. Players normally acquire these coins as a reward for completing activities but they can also obtain it by watching NBA 2KTV or from other promotions such as being a premium Twitch subscriber. Here are the most common ways to spend virtual currency.

MyCareer is a single player NBA 2K17 mode that follows MyPlayer (the user’s character) as he rises to become a famous NBA player. Virtual currency is spent in this mode to get upgrades for MyPlayer. He can be enhanced with new skills and attributes in exchange for coins. Basketball moves have animations and some of them must be unlocked with coins. Dunks, shots, and layups will be more spectacular with special animations. Players can also personalize MyCourt with new designs, rims, and themes if they decide to invest some coins in it.

MyPark is another NBA 2K17 mode that allows players to get and to spend coins. Just like in the previous mode, some animations for dunks and shots must be acquired with coins before they can be used on the court. Players that want to improve their performance in this mode can do so with temporary boosts. These come in the form of cards that are bought with coins. Coins are also used for Ante-Up.

MyGM mode uses coins as well. Players spend them to level up their GMs. Another good use for coins in this mode is to invest them in lineup customization and trades.

MyTeam, one of the most popular NBA 2K17 modes, cannot be played without some coins. The most common way to spend coins in this mode is to acquire new card packs. NBA 2K17 MT are also used at the auction house where players go to sell their cards and to get new ones.

MyPlayer Store sells a variety of items. Players will find here lots of items to personalize MyPlayer such as clothes and accessories. Cards that boost performance can also be acquired with virtual currency.