Check Out the NBA Live Mobile Store for New Summer Courts Packs

Most NBA Live Mobile players will want to begin with the Starter Pack. It contains two program related players, three summer creds and five summertime tokens. Creds and summertime are program specific collectible tokens that can be also earned by completing live events and objectives. The Summer Courts starter pack costs 100 NBA cash. The bonus pack that has three collectibles can be bought only one time for just one NBA Live Mobile coin.

The Elite Booster Pack costs 500 NBA cash and is guaranteed to offer an 85 or better OVR player from the Summer Courts event. The Brooklyn Court Elite Booster Pack costs 1,000 NBA cash and includes a 91+ OVR Brooklyn Court basketball player. Summer Cred Booster Pack offer 10 cred tokens for the price of 250 NBA cash.

Players can get a Summer Courts Bundle that has 10 Summer Courts packs for 5,000 NBA cash. A pack has three program collectibles, two program gold or elite players and two gold or elite players. As a reward for purchasing the bundle, players will also get an elite player that is part of the Summer Courts program. Packs can be purchased individually too for the price of 500 NBA cash or 75,000 NBA Live Mobile coins. Another bundle containing Summer Courts packs offers four packs for the cost of 2,000 NBA cash. The bonus includes three gold or elite program players. The biggest bundle has 20 packs, costs 10,000 NBA cash and has two program elite players as a reward.

The Pro Pack costs 150 NBA cash and 20,000 NBA Live Mobile coins. The contents of the pack are one gold or elite player and three items of at least bronze quality. The player can be from the Summer Courts or another program. The Pro Bundle costs 1,050 NBA cash and has seven Pro packs. Bundles that offer 14 and 40 Pro packs are available for 2,000 and 5,500 NBA cash.