Three Things to Do Before NBA 2K18 is Released

Decide which NBA 2K18 edition you will be getting. NBA 2K18 comes in three versions. The standard edition costs $60. The legend edition is $100 and the legend gold edition is priced at $150. Players should expect a price variance depending on their location. For example, European players will pay 50 Euros for the standard edition. Digital editions can be acquired worldwide but the physical versions are only available in the USA and Canada. If you’re are planning on getting the box make sure to check which retailers are selling and when it will be delivered. If your choice is the digital edition, check the pre-order bonuses and decide if they are worth the extra money or not.

Pre-order. If you are planning on getting the game anyway, pre-ordering is a good idea because there are some bonuses for those who commit to the game before release day. The bonuses differ based on the acquired NBA 2K18 version. Players get some VC, packs for MyTeam and apparel. The standard edition comes with 5,000 VC, 10 packs and apparel for MyPlayer. The legend edition bonus includes 100,000 NBA 2K18 VC, 20 packs and Shaquille O’Neal themed shoes, jersey, logo and ring. The legend gold edition regales players with 250,000 virtual coins, 40 packs, all the O’Neal items from the legend edition, a unique jersey collection and more apparel for MyPlayer. The physical versions also have a poster, Panini cards, stickers and a lenticular. No matter which edition you pick up, you coulld get few vc/ packs for free. But after that you could buy NBA 2K18 MT from online stores.

Make sure your system can handle NBA 2K18. The PC system requirements for NBA 2K18 have not been made public but we can make some speculations based on the current version’s requirements. NBA 2K17 requires at least 4GB or RAM, 8BG is recommended so the new version will probably need at least that. The storage requirement for NBA 2K17 is 70 GB. Players should prepare 100 GB to make sure they have enough space. The CPU recommendation is 3.0 Ghz quad core and that should be enough for the new game as well. The component that will have the biggest impact on the graphics quality is the video card. For the current NBA 2K version, a gaming GPU with 2GB like Nvidia GTX 770 or AMD R9 270 is recommended. It’s advised to have one of these two for the minimum video requirement. If you are playing on a console, it’s no need to worry about system requirements.