A Round up of NBA 2K17 All Star Tournament

NBA 2K17 All Star Tournament is the second tournament hosted by NBA 2K. To be eligible for the tournament players need to own NBA 2K17 on PS4 or Xbox One and to be part of a team. The tournament was region restricted. Only players from Canada and the United States were able to participate. The NBA 2K17 mode selected for the tournament is Pro-AM. The qualifying rounds began on the last day of 2016. During these days, teams were matched against each other and the winners had the chance to take part in the tournament. Not just any NBA 2K17 teams are allowed to compete in the qualifying rounds. All Star Tournament is a competition for the serious NBA 2K17 players so only teams with at least Elite ranking were admitted into the qualifying phase. Daily leaderboards show a team’s achievements. Each win counts towards the ranking. Out of all competing teams, only the first three that achieved top leaderboards positions for that particular day are allowed to take part in the next phase which is the big tournament. There were five qualifying days, three teams were selected per day so that means that 15 teams are admitted into the tournament. A special feature called Wild Card allowed one more team to participate. The sixteenth chosen team was a team that did not qualify during those five days but had amazing performance during the qualifying rounds.

The tournament was announced in December 2016 and ended in February 2017. The next phase of the tournament, rounds one and two, was played in the beginning of February. The competition is a single elimination tournament. The winners of these rounds will move onto the last stage of the competition. The last matches that decided the grand winner of the generous prize of a quarter of a million dollars were played during the real NBA All Star weekend. Well, the last thing I want to remind you is buying NBA 2K17 MT from online stores and practice skills before you start tournament. Also we will offer more NBA 2K gameplay tips for you later.