How to Become a Professional Blade and Soul Player

Blade and Soul is a relatively young e-sport but it’s gaining ground fast. Until 2017 only South Korean players had the chance to take part in a Blade and Soul tournament. The new World Tournament is open to European and North American players as well. The road to becoming the best Blade and Soul starts with Championship Series where contenders from Europe and North America enter a competition to acquire Fighting Points. All players from the above regions are welcome to give the Championship a try. They must first find a squad as the tournament is open for teams of three members. It’s important to find a team from the same region as players cannot join teams if they are not residents of the same region. It’s not possible to be part of more than one team. It goes without saying that players also need a max level character or a character that’s at least level 50. The new expansion, Secrets of Stratus, allows players to instantly boost a character to level 50 if they wish to skip the BNS leveling process and have more time for tournament training.

The World Championship preparation has multiple phases. During the first phase, teams of three players fight in various PvP events to get Fighting Points. These points are normally obtained when taking part in Blade and Soul ranked matches for 1 vs. 1 and 3 vs. 3 modes. There are also other chances like open events and tournaments that will allow players to obtain Fighting Points. When this first phase is over, the Regional Championships begin. This new phase is a tournament between teams that obtained the most points during the first phase. Winners from the Regional Championship will be invited to take part in the final World Championship. The prize pool makes the tournament extremely attractive. Blade and Soul Championship 2016 had a prize pool of $100, 000.