Customize MyPlayer with NBA 2K17 MyPark Snimations and Emotes

Customization is a major NBA 2K17 component. Players have lots of means to personalize MyPlayer. There are functional customization items that affect how MyPlayer performs on the court, behavioral options that shape up MyPlayer’s interaction with characters in MyCareer mode and tons of cosmetic options that unlock numerous ways of changing MyPlayer’s looks. Customization features are earned by taking part in game modes or bought with coins. MyPark is one of the modes that adds even more customizing options to the list. This mode is played online and requires a MyPlayer character.

NBA 2K17 MyPark gives players access to additional customization features such as unique animations. There are around seven types of animations that can be obtained. Personal animations give MyPlayer numerous ways to introduce himself when he begins a game. Squad animations are newly introduced in NBA 2K17. Players can use these animations when they enter the court to make their appearance more spectacular. Gameplay animations are used when MyPlayer performs all sorts of different moves. MyPark animations that can be unlocked are passing, flop, alley-oop and everyone’s favorite basketball move, the dunk. As the game unfolds, MyPlayer performs all sorts of actions and he can emote towards the other players with Getback animations. Nothing is better than winning a match but having entertaining animations to celebrate a win and to jokingly mock the opponent makes the victory even sweeter. Post game celebrations offer players various ways to show their joy. Getting accomplishments is another joyous moment that can be shared with the entire community. Rep animations allow MyPlayer to notify anyone of his achievements. MyPark has many events and competitive modes but it’s also a good place to hang out. When not taking part in games, MyPlayer has hanging out animations that he can use to attract attention towards his brand new and hard earned outfits or other customization equipment. Most of these animations can be unlocked for 750 coins.