How to Improve NBA 2K17 MyTeam with Game Breakers

NBA 2K17 MyTeam players selection is expanded with game breakers players. The reason behind the name is that each game breaker player comes with a set of skills and abilities that have the potential to break a game. Here are some game breakers cards examples.

Gary Payton is a diamond player who has awesome defensive skills. Another game breaker diamond player is Michael Jordan, he possesses great offense. Oscar Robertson is another NBA 2K17 game breaker player. Yao Ming, the famous Chinese basketball player, is featured in NBA 2K17 MyTeam as a game breaker card as well. His impressive height and abilities make him a must have card. Jamal Crawford ruby card is another game breaker player that is a fan favorite. This player is not just super fast on court but he has unmatched scoring abilities as well. Ruby Jason Richardson is another valuable game breaker. He excels in offense and has a great shooting stroke. Another great game breaker card is amethyst Kenyon Martin. He is in great physical shape and possesses both offensive and defensive capabilities.

These are just a few of the available players. There is a reward for collecting all of them. Those who manage to complete the entire game breakers set receive one of the best NBA 2K17 cards, Team USA John Stockton. This card allows players to work towards their Charles Barkley pink diamond Team USA card. Game breaker cards can be used in many ways. Some players will even shape up their game strategy and build squads around game breakers. All game breaker cards are flexible and allow players to use them in various setups. It’s even possible to use these cards in bench situations. The best part about game breaker cards is that they’re valuable no matter in which way players decide to make use of them. Game breaker players are obtained from special NBA 2K17 game breaker packs.